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the manual for download

  • 67inch aerobatic plane manual   (1.54 MB)
  • Powerbox 3e Gyro chinese manual   (2.32 MB)
  • Electric Retract Manual   (330.50 KB)
  • review of pilot-rc brushless servo   (929.88 KB)
  • Demon Cortex Gyro chinese manual   (1.83 MB)
  • Dolphin Jet   (1.09 MB)
  • wing,stab tube size   (58.34 KB)
  • servo extension length   (120.54 KB)
  • rudder wire hole and horn position   (61.94 KB)
  • Landing gear detail   (60.60 KB)
  • Header and canister detail   (46.35 KB)
  • cowl size list   (46.73 KB)
  • Skywolf 88   (3.12 MB)
  • 30cc aerobatic plane manual   (902.20 KB)
  • Skyline 182 manual   (1.14 MB)
  • The CG list   (125.90 KB)
  • Decathlon manual   (2.37 MB)
  • Bergfalke II-55 Glider manual   (1.94 MB)
  • 30cc trainer manual   (2.17 MB)
  • Columbia 400 manual   (1.55 MB)
  • 53" sbach 342 manual   (2.49 MB)
  • 120cc aerobatic plane manual   (1.89 MB)
  • 60cc aerobatic plane manual   (2.00 MB)

    Reviews from our customers

    Pilot-rc 47% Decathlon Build

    I can tell you, you've made a very happy customer out of me! This plane flys great. Great work on the Kit and Custom Covering Scheme! It's exactly what i wanted! This plane built so fast! It really was an easy build...Everything just went together with out a problem..I gotta tell you, the navigation light kit you installed in the plane is such a hit at the field. I've gotten so many comments on it. The plane looks good and backs it up with the way it flys. Thanks again, and I gotta tell you, Your customer sevice is the best i've ever experienced. You'll surely be getting more business from me. Well done Tony!


    more information , pls visit :


    100cc Sbach 342 review from USA

    The Pilot 107" Sbach is awesome for IMAC and 3D

    Final weight with an accurate digital scale

    We weighed the plane with an accurate digital scale by weighing the fuse, wings separately and adding up the weights. Final weight with cannisters, pilot figure and 1.5 oz of tail weight was
    28# - 2 oz. I am pleased with the outcome.


    more information , pls visit :



     The first UK Pilot RC 50cc SBach 342 online build

     OK, the kit, well boxed with a foam cut inner cut for this specfic model, very nicely packed all came totally undamaged

    The SBACH unlike the other 50cc Pilot range does not have an Ali version, all Carbon Fibre kits. This includes the following CF parts

    CF Main wing tube
    CF Stab tube
    CF Main U/C
    CF Tail wheel holder
    And a serioulsy sexy painted CF spinner.

    The model has been very well finished and does NOT need going over with an iron much to my suprise, all the covering is tight and well finished. Test fitted most the parts and everything seems spot on so far.

    As usual Pilot RC have done their usual "we nearly finish the kit for you", providing a rudder that you just slide a rod through to fit, all hinges fitted, glued and pinned where needed, pull pull system in place, fuel tank and fuel line in, fuel dot in, canopy all finished off and even bolted in. Things to do, fit the control horns, linkages, radio gear, engine, canister, U/C and tail wheel, and thats just about your lot, easy peasy.


    more information , pls visit :








    Pilot RC plane repository. Post pics

    Hey guys, If you own a Pilot RC plane, share your pics of them here for us to enjoy! Pics of setups, and a list of equipment would be cool too. This can be a good place to compare notes, and swap ideas. Or we can just drool. That works too. So show off your planes!
    BTW, vids are very welcome.





    30cc 90" trainer Build

    Once again I am building (assembling) yet another plane. This time it is a Pilot 90" Trainer. This airplane is a new offering by Pilot and by AMR and I thought I would do a build thread to help new flyers along and show how easy it is to put one of these birds together  My plan is to maiden it on June 1st. (Just 9 days away) This really isnt a very tight timeline as it goes together so easily!!!


    more information , pls visit :


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